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Schaller Automation Oil Mist Detectors – Safety for Your Engine 

Schaller Automationは、エンジンの安全性の分野において信頼できるパートナーとして、50年以上にわたりオイルミスト検出のベンチマークとなっています。 Schaller Automationは、生涯費用(LCV)を最小限に抑え、最先端のドイツの技術を駆使して、優れた機能でエンジンや乗組員の安全を守ります。

当社の最新製品であるVN301plus / VN301plusEXは、堅牢で非プラスチックの材料で構成されており、最高の精度と信頼性で最小限の生涯費用(LCV)を提供するという伝統を継承しています。

Schaller Automation Oil Mist Detectorsは、お客様のビジネス、船舶、乗組員の保護に値します。


Multi-sensor system Oil Mist Detectors to protect large Diesel, Gas & Dual-Fuel engines from heavy consequential damage cause by oil mist explosion. (to replace existing sentence)

Key Highlights:

  • System with single sensors for each compartment
  • Extremely low maintenance cost - designed for engine lifetime
  • Quick reaction time with no false alarms 
  • Robust & reliable, made for rough sea duty
  • Easy installation
  • Automatic opacity adaptation to engine in normal operation - False
  • larm-free system even under frequent changes in engine load and rpm
  • VN301plusEX is ATEX Certified according II‑/2G Ex op is IIB T4‑/Gb for large gas and dual-fuel engines.
VN301Plus /VN301Plus-EX

VN301Plus /VN301Plus-EX

Schaller Automation Oil Mist Detectors bring advantages such as high operations reliability, quicker reactions, low maintenance costs and most importantly, safer operations.

With over 54,000 installations, Schaller Automation’s method of active extraction of air from every compartment of the engine’s crankcase by the use of a suction system is well proven and accepted by engine makers and ship owners worldwide.


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電話: +81 742 52-8770
ファックス: +81 742 52-8771

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